I <3 Architectural Details, Portland Edition


Last month I got to visit Portland for the first time to attend my cousin’s wedding. Staying in the city center I had a chance to walk around with my family and see the city’s beautiful architecture.


There were some great historic Art Deco buildings near our hotel. On the left is 1000 Broadway, an old theater and on the right is the Charles F. Berg Building with inlays of 14 Karat gold.


I saw really unique and intricate door and window metal work details throughout the city. I especially liked these gold doors and the spiky sconces on the US National Bank Building built in 1917.



I’m kind of obsessed with all the details on this building. I didn’t get to go inside but I’m sure that was gorgeous as well.


Another beautiful building with gold doors was the historic Bank of California Building. I especially like the quatrefoil detail on the metal doors and sconces.



We walked to Waterfront Park Saturday morning for the weekly “Saturday Market” where local artists sell their creations. On the way we passed the Old Town Chinatown, shown bottom right.

IMG_6398 IMG_6388

I also visited the Portland Art Museum while there and got to see an exhibit on bicycle design called Cyclepedia. To celebrate that exhibit there was an installation above the entrance of bicycle helmets creating the museum’s logo.


These two bikes were my favorite, a bike made to be ridden on the icy streets of Austria in the 60’s and a Parisian bike from the 30’s with a beveled frame and unique gear design.



They also had some great stainless steel sculptures. On the left is “Bolt” by British artist Tony Cragg and on the right “Forest Devil” by Kenneth Snelson.


I like abstract paintings and “Number Six” by Peter Young reminded me of a Rorschach mixed with an Ikat print.



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