Starphire Glass

I recently finished a bathroom project which I’ve referred to as “(bath)room with a view.” I’m hoping to get pictures of the finished project soon but in the meantime I wanted to share some insight on glass options that we decided on during the design process. In designing and specifying the frameless shower enclosure, I informed my client that he had an option between “starphire” and regular glass. Starphire glass is a lead free, low iron product that although not clear enough to be called “crystal” is much less green than regular glass. This clarity comes at a premium but for some like my client who have already invested in gorgeous marble for the shower walls, it’s worth it. See the difference for yourself below (photos courtesy of google).


Daisy, one of my client’s dogs clearly prefers the starphire. She’s pictured here with the starphire that’s just been installed, (the duct tape is temporary!). Another option to consider is the “clamps” as shown here vs. channels to hold the glass in place. I feel that the clamps help with the “frameless look” so I prefer them.

daisyWe choose a shower door pull with a very square look to coordinate with the rest of our “Italian modern” aesthetic including square style hardware from Top Knobs (shown below). The shower door handle is combined with a towel bar since this bath is mostly windows with little wall space for towel bars.


What would you choose? Do you think it’s worth paying extra for the starphire?


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