DesignLAb May 2013

I once again made it to the Pacific Design Center for the opening of the latest DesignLAb gallery exhibits with my dear friend Peter and my assistant Christina from HSK. That’s Peter and me below in front of the newest (red) building at the Pacific Design Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art’s West Hollywood location.

IMG_5243Chair sculpture in front of the Blue Building on the corner of Melrose and San Vicente.


As in previous visits, we saw a lot of great pieces.  But here are a few that stood out:

Photographs of dresses by contemporary Korean artist, Yeonju Sung. The dresses are made from fruits and vegetables. The top left I think is mushrooms, the top right is tomatoes, the bottom left is leeks and the bottom right is papaya.



Left is a mixed media piece made of found metal by David Buckingham called “Color Study #59 ( Diamond Dogs ).” Right is a neon sculpture by Cathy Stone, “Ascension in Limbo.”


A photograph by Victorville artist, William Berry called “Bottles.” This photo made you feel like you were standing in the middle of a forest of these “trees” with glass bottles for branches.


At the Art Merge Lab, “Gestural Geometry” was a two-artist exhibition that showcased geometric abstract paintings by Chris Trueman and Joe Lloyd. Below are “Chrome” and “BC” by Chris Trueman. I love the stenciled, graffiti effect of “Chrome” and the way that “BC” draws you in with the diagonal lines and gives a strong sense of movement.


More bright abstracts by Joe Lloyd, top left is “Blue Pattern,” top right is “Blue Wing.” Bottom left is “Light Blue” and right is Christina posing with “Pink,” also her favorite color 🙂



Below are two of the 175 piece installation of pen line drawings by Eli Langer. The drawings seem to have been done with a multi-head pen that are popular with children. The multiple line and color effect made you feel like you were impaired since they were hard to focus in on. That was part of the appeal though, you had to really look at them to figure out what the form was through the scribbles.


This is a very interesting exhibit by artist (and commercial realtor by day) Mary Younakof.


Mary was working downtown LA as a relator and was inspired by all the brightly colored buildings she came across. She then started making dresses with fabric scraps she bought in the garment district downtown. The fabrics make up a rainbow of colors, they are all different and she organized them in color order. The pattern is the same for all the dresses and she sewed them all herself, she said it took her three years. She displays the dresses different ways, on mannequins, splayed out on the floor like a color fan deck or she wears them herself in photos, videos and installations. She describes this project called, “343 DRESSES: The Chromatic Convergence Project,” as an ongoing art project that explores color through fashion, installation, photography, performance, and video. Below is a shot of her video installation which combines videos of building exteriors in downtown that are brightly colored. Shown together they create a moving patchwork quilt of color.


Another part of the project is the photos and videos that she’s taken at colorful sites around LA that she’s discovered. In the photos and video, she makes the color of her dress match exactly to the building exterior in the shot. I find the photos humorous and fresh. She said she never asks permission to photograph outside these buildings and no one seems to care.


Here is a link to the video that was produced for Sherwin Williams Paint. They also created a feature on her work in their ipad magazine called STIR.

stir(Mary Younakof photos courtesy of her facebook page)

Which artist/piece was your favorite and why?


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