Legends 2013

One of the perks of working on La Cienega is that I am able to partake in the annual Legends of La Cienega design event. This is the fifth year and I’ve been lucky enough to attend every year so far. “LCDQ,” which stands for the “La Cienega Design Quarter” is a group of interior design showrooms on La Cienega Blvd. and Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood that make up a unique design district that Hollywood Sierra Kitchens is a part of. My uncle Gerry, who is one of the owners is also one of the board members for LCDQ that helps to plan and put on the event every year.

This year’s theme was “Time Capsule: The Past, Present and Future of Design.” Here were my favorite windows this year in no particular order;

Working with Andrea Michaelson on a Kitchen in a historic LA home, I know first hand her attention to detail and her devotion to her projects. Her window at Marge Carson is no exception, she found antique pieces and styled them to look as though they were coming out of crates which is about as literal a time capsule as you can get. The chair in particular was so destroyed and ancient looking that it really gave you the feeling that you were there as something old and special was being discovered.


Mary McDonald (Mums), my favorite of the “Million Dollar Decorators,” was not at the event as she was in Atlanta for an Atlanta Decorative Arts Center event. However she left a cardboard cutout of herself at Dragonette’s showroom where her window was displayed. So what does my assistant Christina do? Give Mary that hand of course, “We only do the real thing Mary.”


Seriously though, Mary is one of my favorite designers and I love watching her on the show. Her window definitely had her personality with the old lady astronaut manikin complete with baubles and her signature look with the blue and white Chinese vases and graphic elements.


This window at Mehraban Rugs by designer, Sandra Espinet was very arresting in person. You don’t often see furniture floating like that. The fishing wire illusion was an interesting way to imply time travel.

sandra_3 sandra_2 sandra    sandra_espinet

I have admired Molly Luetkemeyer’s handiwork at previous Legend’s events and this year was no exception. Her window at George Smith felt very modern without being clean lined and sparse. Her use of color and pattern created a space that felt fresh and very futuristic to me. I loved the paint splattered upholstery on the chair and the geometric bust with the crystal mohawk. I don’t always love eclectic spaces but her mix of the black wall with the abstract painting, pops of color set off by the geometric rug and curtains felt so right.



The use of color in the Lee Stanton window by Harte Brownlee & Associates was reminiscent of Miro and Dali to me. It had a conceptually abstract and surrealist feel with the clocks both melted and un-melted and the use of bright primary colors and circular elements. I was intrigued by the texture and symbolism of the red “Mike & Ike” candy that filled the chair crate instead of the standard “packing peanuts.”


This window at Downtown by Jeff Andrews – Design was simple in its color and objects but complex in its layered patterns and shapes. Jeff’s window featured a circular outer covering and focused in on a smaller circular mirror. This shape repetition along with the graphic fingerprint patterned wallpaper gives a sense of movement and perhaps time travel. Positioning the chairs as the only objects in the window gives it a modern feel, which is repeated thru their unique shape. It reminds me of looking into the cockpit of a U.S.S. Enterprise type space ship.


Jane Hallworth’s window at Fuller + Roberts Co. was very arresting in its simplicity and message. The mushroom cloud and the spiky lighted piece in the foreground create a landscape that is very foreboding. The red words on the glass demand that the viewer be aware, inquisitive and peaceful.


This window by Lawrence J. Rizkowski at Compas gave me the feeling of looking forward maybe 100 years. The background thru the “window” of the room appears like a “Starwars: Episode 1” type city. The juxtaposition of the futuristic backdrop with the stripes and Art Deco influenced pieces created a unique space that brings to mind how those in the future may continue to look to the past for interior inspiration as we do today.


Brian Patrick Flynn’s window at Jamal’s Rug Collection was very 60’s with the wall covering, furnishings and family photo type art on the wall. It was very “time capsule” in the sense that you felt transported back into a traditional 60’s family room. That being said many of the pieces in the space are still in fashion today. Not necessarily styled together as shown but the star-burst design, the graphic pillows, colors like the yellow, teal, chartreuse and mint along with the brass are all very trendy today.


Below are photos from the “Blogger Breakfast,” the “Luxe Magazine Lunch,” and the “Traditional Home Party.” That’s me in the top right photo on the left with our neighbor Katie from Marge Carson and Christina on the right.

bloggergirls lunchparty

The event ended with a beautiful sunset after a brief sprinkle. Did you attend this year’s “Legends” event as well? What did you think?


(Daytime photos were taken by me, nighttime window photos are courtsey of LCDQ.)

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