A (bath)room with a view

I have been working on a bathroom project in the Hollywood Hills, the home like a lot of homes in the hills is literally built into the hill. The back faces Laurel Canyon Blvd. giving it a great view of Downtown LA and beyond.


The new master bathroom space used to be a utility room with a obstruction in it from the hillside slope. The client had the room excavated and re-framed to create the new bathroom space. Here is a picture of the vanity wall in the framing stage. (I love a good before and after) The vanity will have an asymmetrical design with a tall linen storage cabinet on the left and the vanity to the right with a waterfall edge detail at the end to finish the run and make the cabinets appear as if they are floating.


The shower pan is going to be recessed into the floor so we don’t need to have a traditional threshold. The tub will be under-mounted in a “Pure White” Caesarstone 4 sided box, which is created by mitering pieces of the 3/4″ thick material to create a seamless structure. The top piece will have the cutout for the bathtub which will be centered under the one of the windows. The shower wall will be clad in a slab of statuary marble and the other two walls of the room and floor will be tiled with honed basalt tile.


I am also designing a storage cabinet and countertop for underneath the tv in the bedroom. The countertop will be double stacked to create a shelf to hold a wireless speaker made by Sonos. Here is the area last week, I randomly caught the tv with the caption, “Why hasn’t Kelly come forward?” which is a little creepy.


The plumbing, the shower pan and tub deck framing are all being worked on now. Later this week the cabinets will be installed, the decorative hardware, the Caesarstone, the tile, plumbing fixtures and then the barn door into the room. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!


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