Hallway Built-in Bookcase Project


One of my favorite clients in Westwood sent me this photo as an inspiration for her new built-in bookcase/storage cabinetry in her front hallway. I used this as a guide in designing this piece with her. She wanted the style of cabinetry to match what was existing in the Kitchen that I had designed for her the previous year.


Here is the kitchen, the door/drawer style is 1″ thick and has a flat panel with a cove molding detail. The finish is a white paint with a 35% sheen. The cabinetry is cove inset which is a type of framed cabinetry. The custom hood was made using a wainscot panel and a custom stainless apron with internal blower package and halogen lighting. The client opted to keep the Subzero stainless to add a touch of commercial chic to the space and to break up the white.


The client loves symmetry so we kept the wall cabinets left and right of the sink the same size by adding an open corner wall cabinet and having a deeper wall cabinet with glass doors to the far left for display. The “door and drawer” to the left of the sink base is actually the dishwasher panel for the client’s fully integrated Bosch dishwasher.


These are the Henry Pendants the client used from Waterworks. These pendants, her faucet and her decorative hardware are all in the polished chrome finish.


This is the finished product. The client got the storage drawers that she wanted to be able to have a “counter-top” space to set a book down and flip thru while standing at the bookcase. She also got plenty of display space and storage space below plus a beautiful focal point as you pass thru the hallway from the foyer into the Family Room.


The pilaster details were based on the inspiration image she sent me and all the cabinetry matched the specs of her Kitchen. However we did decide to do the cabinetry in a custom white finish to exactly match the white of her existing house crown and base molding since we opted to continue those moldings around this unit so it felt even more like part of the house. How do you think it turned out?


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